BOAPR offers abroad suite of digital PR services, to clients looking to key into the digital space to boost their image. Our services are classified under thefollowing major groupings:

Content Creation & Social Media Management

 As Microsoft founder, Bill Gates remarked in a popular 1996 essay “content is king”, as it is only through the content that corporates and public {gures put out that the public interacts with them. Being able to create content that is engaging enough to sway opinion or in|uence people is an important function that requires professional input, which BOAPR is able to give its clients.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

 Beyond developing a beautiful website, such websites need to be found by people looking for the very information contained therein. SEO is about crafting the content of a website to make it appear in organic searches on search engines, and BOAPR has the know-how to ensure that our clients’ websites are optimized to be visible in organic searches of topics relating to their services or their names.

Media Relations

A Media relation is a core function of public relations, helping clients builds a strong relationship with the audience, b educating the media on how to report stories about a client. We have been able to build cordial working relationships with a number of media organizations and social media in|uencers over the years that get us favourable reports for our clients.

Crisis Communications Management

 Using a mix of proactive and reactionary strategies, crisis communications management service helps clients mitigate crises or situations that, if left unattended, could create signi{cant amounts of bad press and tarnish the public image of companies or public {gures that already have sensitive images by virtue of the fact that they exist in the public domain where sentiments rule over logic. Our crisis communications management service helps client mine crisis situations for positive mileage and win over more supporters of their cause.

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