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By: Benedict Aguele

“You know, you should get a Public Relation expert for your Brand.”

“Do not undermine the position of excellent  Public Relations for your brand.”

We’ve heard these statements a thousand times, yet many people do not know why they should hire a  Public Relations agency for their brands.

For starters, you need to be acquainted with the knowledge of Public Relations Service: what it means and how the professionals do what they do.

A Public Relations Service is a strategic communication process that helps organizations to craft the right messages to resonate with their target customers in impactful ways.

With more people now using the internet and digital media such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube Linkedin, and Twitter, information–both verified and unfounded–spreads like wildfire. Ordinarily, this would have been a good thing, if it weren’t as disastrous as it is great. It is for this reason that now, more than ever, your brand needs an excellent  Public Relations Agency.

The most important reason why you need a solid Public Relations Agency is to protect your brand. Your brand–personal, business, or corporate–has a reputation; one you should guard jealously.

To protect your brand’s reputation, a Public Relations Agency Strives to project the positive accomplishments of your brand by pushing narratives that extol your brand. Many people say, “no publicity is bad publicity,” but the truth is, negative publicity/press can ruin your brand. However, negative press can be spun in your brand’s favor by the right Public Relations Agency, and it’s only when this is done, that we can surmise that even negative publicity isn’t bad publicity.

Public Relations Agencies realize that your brand story and how it is told is a key instrument in building brand loyalty. If your brand addresses a pain point, good Public Relations will sell a relatable story to your chosen audience; one that beyond selling your product/services, evokes the right emotions amongst your audience.

When done right, public relations can change your business for the better. Using strategic communications and networks, Public Relations services can promote your brand’s visibility and strengthen its community online and offline.

Every other day, we wake up to scandalous stories and trending hashtags calling to boycott a brand or cancel a person. Some of these calls for boycotts are so vicious, brands with no Public Relations representation get ruined in their wake. However, with the proper Public Relations representation, your brand can thrive in a raging storm calling for its head.

In the end, a Public Relations expert shapes the perception people have about you and your brand. It keeps sentiments aside, and objectively tackles issues in a way that only furthers your brand’s agenda. Public Relations strategies go a long way into building positive impressions that guarantee long-lasting brand success; you absolutely can’t do without it!

Benedict Aguele is the founder of Boapr Agency a public relations agency based in Abuja. www.boapr.ng

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