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By: Benedict Aguele 

Influencer marketing is a form of digital PR that allows brands to reach out directly to people who have influence in their field. 

In the past, influencers were only known for their social media presence and blog posts, but now they are becoming more known for their influence on other people’s lives. 

Influencer marketing has become an important part of any company’s strategy because it helps build trust between your brand and consumers as well as helps drive traffic to your website or app

The first and most obvious benefit of influencer marketing is that it builds trust in your brand. Experts are seen as credible sources by consumers, who then may be more willing to purchase products or services from them. This can be especially important if you’re trying to increase sales with new products or services that require trust from customers.

Influencers also help build social proof around your company by posting positive reviews on social media platforms and this helps establish credibility among potential customers who may not know much about what makes the product work well or look good (or even exist!).

Influencer marketing is seen as more effective than traditional marketing. It’s a win-win for both parties, as you can use the influencers’ reach and credibility to promote your brand or product, while they get exposure and additional followers who may never have heard of your company otherwise.

While influencer marketing is still relatively new (it’s only been around since 2013), it has already become an important part of digital PR campaigns. In fact, according to some studies, 70 percent of marketers who use influencers say that it improves their overall ROI on digital PR campaigns.

 If you’re looking to amplify your digital marketing efforts and reach a wider audience. If you think about it, influencer marketing is just another way of reaching out to customers. Influencers can help you attract new clients by sharing their content with their followers, who are then more likely to trust them and see them as experts in their field than any brand or organization.

Influencers also have the ability to reach audiences beyond the traditional channels like email or social media posts because they have built up trust with their followers over time by consistently delivering great content that people love watching or reading!

If you’re looking to build a digital PR campaign, influencer marketing is the best way to get started. Not only are they able to help with SEO but they also have the ability to turn your customers into advocates for your brand. 

With this rise in popularity comes some ethical concerns about how these influencers get paid for their services and the impact that might have on consumers’ trust in these influential voices in our society. 

However, there are many ways around these issues including working towards transparency within social media platforms themselves so that consumers know what kind of content is being promoted by who before making any purchases through them 


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